Handmade jewelry: a product of creativity and effort

What is the significance of handmade jewelry, you might wonder?

The art of curating jewelry by hand has been practiced since the dawn of humanity. It has been crafted out of whatever was available in nature and had meaning beyond merely being a piece of jewelry.

On the one hand, it represented the wearer’s membership in a specific group, and on the other, it was worn for protection, good luck, etc. This basic technique later on evolved into amazing works of art.

Handcrafted jewelry is a product of both creativity and effort. It is made in a completely different method than machines. It is purely the hard work and creation of artisans themselves.

Historic significance

According to history, jewelry has been a sign of power, supremacy, beauty and wealth from time immemorial.

Women seemed to have developed a sudden interest in purchasing jewelry in the early 1900s. They wanted to wear something that would help them stand out from the crowd. This resulted in an increase in the number of women drawn to the jewelry business.

During this time, a new method was developed: enamel on metal. By rubbing two pieces of metal together, a picture was produced that many people today consider art.

Only people who were financially and socially superior were allowed to wear jewelry in ancient cultures.

Gems blazed a trail through history, paving the way for handcrafted jewelry. These jewels were not only handmade by artisans, but they also appeared to have personality and character.

To retain the distinctive nature of history stones, the jewels were hand-carved, hand-cast, and individually fashioned.

Enameling on jewelry has been around since prehistoric times. It allows people to create personal products that can be passed down through generations while also being a highly decorative art form that is both utilitarian and beautiful.

Enameling and Meraki

Enameling is an ancient decorative method that involves mixing powdered glass with color pigments and fusing it with metals, forming a translucent reflection.

Hailing from ancient Greek, Meraki means to place and leave a part of your soul in each task and product.

The meraki designs at Aliel are inspired by Islamic patterns and have been crafted by hand, into karats of gold.

This particular collection uses a highly complex vitreous enameling technique known as plique-a-jour. It is an enameling of sorts that allows light to pass through and gives the accessory a translucent reflection of stained glass.

Enameling is both an art form and a procedure used to protect the surface of a wide variety of metal jewelry pieces.

Meraki is more than just jewelry. It’s a piece of the soul of the designer and the artisan whose skills have been honed by generations of jewelry making.

Interested in Meraki designs? Explore our range of high-end fashion jewelry that will last a lifetime in your jewelry box!

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