How to make a statement in all gold

Handmade gems aren’t only for those who love to splash out on a few valued pieces. It’s for everyone who needs to purchase something uniquely great!

Handcrafted jewelry and collectables are a specialty in a broad market. To limit it down, the market incorporates expressions and artworks and antiques. So, what is the meaning of these workmanship gems?

In this blog, we will be filling you in regarding craftsmanship gold adornments and how you can make a bold statement through them.

Value of handmade jewellery

Handmade jewelry necessitates a great deal of concentration, passion and precision, which is why a single item may take hours to create. It’s never rushed.

Every piece — whether it’s a single product or a series of them — is carefully curated by hand, which is the most important determinant of the final outcome.

Besides, materials used in handcrafted jewelry are of higher quality than those used in machine-made jewelry. Just imagine this: when you’re creating your favorite dessert at home, you’d go for the highest-quality ingredients.

Similarly, each piece of handmade jewelry offers a unique tale.

Jewelry is an important aspect of one’s appearance as it complements your overall style and highlights your look. Whether you’re a bride-to-be or simply looking for an elegant piece for a night out, this blog is your go-to guide that will help you appear absolutely stunning and ethereal on any special occasion.

How to choose your jewel and make a statement

Choosing jewelry can be challenging. Trends change so quickly that we find ourselves stumbling into a variety of similarly lovely designs, making our decision even more difficult.

The points given below will help you select your daily wear jewelry.

1. Determine your skin tone

It’s essential that you know about your skin tone before looking to add a piece of jewelry to the ensemble.

People with cooler undertones usually prefer light metals, such as white gold or silver. On the other hand, for people with warmer tones there is nothing better than a good chunk of 18k gold with yellow hues and a hint of elegance.

However, none of this seems to be a problem with Aliel’s Meraki collection of two-hued gems. They complement every skin tone with their little feature of blues (for cooler tones) amongst the swarm of yellow gold (for warmer tones). You can never go wrong with a little Plique-a-jour!

2. Choose your style

Having a sense of style is essential when it comes to picking a statement piece. It solely depends on your wardrobe and your fusion of different styles.

But that again won’t be a problem as long as you are picking a piece of subtle gold with delicately engraved patterns to wear and pair with your everyday look. A peep into Aliel’s laser-cut gemstone collection may just be your fix for that.

3. Track your comfort

Jewelry is not always about finding the heaviest piece with the most diamantes. It’s about elegantly carrying whatever piece you choose.

Therefore, comfort is a great factor to consider while looking for a signature gem to exhibit at all times. Going for something handmade and intricate may prove as your best choice in this case.

4. Trends

Keeping up with the latest trends can be such a hassle, especially because of how fast they change. It’s not always economical to be switching pieces of gold and get quite overwhelming at times too.

We suggest you go for something timeless.

Diamonds and gold have always proven to be a woman’s best friend, alongside maintaining charm and elegance.

The art of gold is something that has been appreciated throughout the centuries. It’s ageless. When gold sets against your skin, it automatically brings out a resilient charm and resonates with a certain feeling of power.

One can simply never go wrong with a piece, or more, of gold in their ensemble. Once you are adorned in any sort of gold, you are ready to make a statement!

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