History & Heritage

Aliel’s origins are linked with those of Khalil Al-Sayegh Jewellers. In Arabic, Al-Sayegh means “goldsmith,” a name that was chosen during a period in history when families in the Levant were named after their profession. It was indeed the proper title through which to backdrop what would become Dubai’s premiere fine jewellery stores. The House was founded almost 50 years ago by Ibrahim Al-Sayegh, who soon after, passed the business down to his son Khalil Al-Sayegh from whom the present store takes its name and who remains the chairman of the company. Mohammad Ali was named the Artistic Director of Khalil Al-Sayegh Jewellers, and in collaboration with Khalil Al-Sayegh, brought the company to the acclaim it receives today. Mohammad Ali considers gemstones to be nature’s most beautiful gifts. Together, they believed, that through sourcing the rarest stones in combination with precious metals, they could create unrivalled jewellery pieces for connoisseurs and lovers of the art. This quest for beauty, to create something through the pure and remarkable form of natural stones, is what has driven the House throughout the years rewarding it with a loyal customer following and progressing it to a universal and avant-garde brand.

Breathing Life into Stones

We are able to combine our exploration of diverse artistic traditions with the highest quality because of our cutting-edge facilities and skilled people. Our manufacturing facilities are located in italy and hong kong and are staffed with master craftsmen. We have combed the world to look for the finest jewellery makers. People on our team typically have ten years of experience and share a common passion for artistic originality and perfection.

Aliel Pakistan

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