Aliel – The Wedding Jewelry Master

Weddings are a quintessential moment of joy in our lives. They evoke a deep sense of love and achievement as two souls come together in matrimony to cherish one another. It is a milestone in one’s life that possesses immeasurable value which we eagerly anticipate. Aliel is an established fine jewelry house that fully comprehends the significance of this occasion for you and your loved ones, and celebrates it with the same fervor and zeal that you put into planning it.

Our curated selection of jewelry is enriched in gold and diamonds with a traditional values, modern aesthetic and radiant stones, molded together to produce this opulent range. These necklace and earring sets are intricately crafted and alluring to complete your look and draw out the true essence of your feminine charm.

The Shakrunissa Set:

Shakrunissa set

The resplendent warm yellow hue of this 22k gold set is complemented perfectly by the rich green of the emeralds that it nestles within it. Fashioned to adorn the neck like a collar, the necklace is covered in the delicacy of fine gold that looks like intricate braids of thread running all across its surface

The Jahanara Set

Jahanara set

The warm antique-looking hue of 18k gold in this elegant set of choker and earrings perfectly complements the sheen of large round pearls and the deep wine-colored depth of ruby beads.

The Zebunnissa set

The Zebunnissa set

If you are looking for gold jewellery that is wearable as well as resplendent, look no further than the Zebunnissa set. With a string of luscious round pearls supporting a choker of rich 18k heritage gold and emeralds, the necklace can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

The Roshanara Set

Roshanara set

Reminiscent of old-world charm but with a surprising amalgam of contemporary features, this 18k gold set is a perfect match for any outfit and any occasion. 

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