Spring style tips to up your jewelry game

Isn’t it amazing that it’s almost spring? As you prepare to transition your wardrobe into the warmer months, we’ve got simple and fun ways to help you up your jewelry and general style game.

Spring is all about renewal, so it’s the perfect time to up your jewelry game.

Experiment with style

Experiment with different jewelry combinations you might not have thought of before, as well as with many other accessories like shoes, bags and watches that complement your jewels.

Continue to experiment with different combinations and focal points. Consider the many types of events or activities that each combination might be appropriate for and purchase your jewelry accordingly.

  1. Stack it! There’s nothing better than taking your favorite pieces and stacking them together for a fun, playful look.
  2. Layer it! A great way to layer is by layering earrings – mixing in studs with hoops and dangles will give you a unique look that’s unexpected but totally wearable.
  3. Aliel’s coral colored pendant could be a perfect statement piece for spring because of the soft pink tones and gold accents that come together to create a look that’s both feminine and powerful at once. It looks great alone or layered with other pieces from the collection. 

Spring jewelry stylings

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: the easiest way to up your spring jewelry game is to add some sparkle.

Sparkle is a fool-proof way of making jewelry pop. We think of it as a hack for looking good and feeling confident.

 You can choose from anything that shines – from glitter-encrusted pendants to crystal necklaces, and you can use them to make any outfit feel instantly more interesting.

The only thing we don’t love about sparkles is the fact that sometimes they are made with glitter, which can often prove to be a hassle because it’s so hard to clean up.

This is why we love and trust these gemstone pendants at Aliel that are made of pure crystals, do not glitter and leave you looking and feeling good when as soon as you put them on it!

Moreover, if you are all about the jewels, add some flair to any outfit by throwing on one of our bracelets.

They’re easy to mix and match. Feel free to go crazy when pairing them up with other pieces. Just make sure not too many colors clash because the intricate patterns overlapped in hushed yellow gold tones alone are more than enough to catch eyes and create havoc.

Hoop earrings and dangle earrings might also make great companions during this blooming season since they allow you to keep the rest of your outfit minimal and chic while letting your earrings grab all the attention.

Lastly, it is important to keep your jewelry fresh and up to date. Embracing new trends and styles that are appropriate for the season is a fun way to switch up from a monotonous routine.

For example, if you are wearing a lot of white and pastels in the spring, you might want to consider wearing yellow gold or rose gold jewelry and overshadow all that comes with the new bloom!

For colorful inspiration, check through our gold and gemstone jewelry collections.

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