Best jewelry style tips you need to know in 2022

Are you attempting to figure out which earrings would complement your face or what hue is perfect for you?

Which lengths and styles of pendant or chain necklaces will look best on you and your neckline? Or are you simply perplexed by the various collections and varieties of jewelry available?

When choosing jewelry, it’s important to choose the right piece that would make you and your outfit really stand out.

It’s so easy to make mistakes while choosing the right accessory. But don’t worry. We are here to help you avoid making those exact mistakes!

Style accessories to go with your outfit

Consider what piece you’d most like to wear to fit the occasion you’re going to before you start getting dressed.

It’s important to decide that you really want to wear a particular piece of jewelry to an event, in which case you should coordinate your dress and other accessories accordingly.

Alternatively, you might choose your dress first and then match your jewelry and accessories to it.

Know your metal

It’s important to know what kind of metal is in the jewelry. Certain metals can cause allergic reactions in certain people — and no one wants an allergic reaction on a special day.

Be sure that you know your metal and it is in accordance with your undertones. Gold would be a perfect fit for warmth, whereas silver will work if your undertones are on the cooler side.

Clean your jewelry

It’s extremely important for your jewelry to be clean and properly stored.

Not cleaning your jewelry often enough can lead to a buildup of grime and gunk that is difficult to remove later. Storing it improperly could lead to tangles and breakage.

Choose a point of focus

If you’re dressing up to make a statement, where do you want the focus to be most drawn?

If you’re wearing jewelry to catch a lot of eyes, it’s usually ideal to accentuate the visual focus on one body part: the neck, ears, hands, and so on.

Determine the focus and make certain that additional accessories and apparel do not distract from it.

Stack your rings

Stacking can bring a lot of diversity to your wardrobe because you can mix and match them to pull off a new one every day.

On some days, you might opt for a more minimalist style by wearing only one or two plain stacking rings.

However, if you’re going for a more boho look, wearing many of them together is also a great idea.

Know when to stop

Sometimes too much is just that — too much.

If you’re wearing a strong pair of earrings, your necklace could be more understated or even absent.

Or perhaps if you’re using stacked chains or a statement necklace to bring attention to your focal point and neckline, you may not need an assortment of bangles jostling for attention.

The most important tip

Don’t pay attention to the rules!

Break the rules as you see fit. Your style reflects who you are and how you want to be seen. It doesn’t have to be all gems and twin sets or even all strictly coordinated.

If doing as you please – following none of the traditional fashion rules and creating a chaotic concoction of accessories you absolutely adore – is what works for you, then our suggestion is to go for it.

Avoiding mistakes is a great way to enjoy your jewelry shopping experience. If you are prepared and know what to expect, then you can shop without a worry.

Remember to plan for your purchase and have fun.

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