A world of gold

Gold has long been one of the world’s most renowned – and priciest – precious metals. 

But you might question: what is it about gold that makes it so appealing? Why is it so coveted – and costly?

We are here to give you an inside scoop on this incredibly gorgeous valuable metal, as well as some fascinating gold facts. 

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Gold – an inside look

Gold is a symbol of wealth, power, and sophistication. It’s a metal that gives you an air of luxury. 

Let’s take a closer look at this precious metal, some of its uses in jewelry, and how you can use it to up your style.

Gold has been used for centuries in jewelry thanks to its quality of being moulded into intricate shapes and designs. 

It is one metal that has historically been too expensive for widespread use in jewelry, which is why it has long been associated with royalty and luxury.

Is gold expensive?

We know what you’re thinking: gold is a precious metal and way too expensive. 

But you know, it doesn’t have to be. We all have different budgets, but we think that everyone should be able to invest in a piece of gold jewelry if they want to.

Once you wear your first gold piece, it’s impossible to go back. There’s just something about having a piece of gold on your body that makes you feel truly classy and confident.

The great thing about gold is how versatile it is. You can buy inexpensive pieces like simple earrings and pendants from our website and then go up from there. 

Why not start with a few bangles? Or some fun earrings? Gold jewelry isn’t just for special occasions – it’s for every day!

Hallmarks in gold

A hallmark with the number of karats and a letter or letters is commonly used to identify the different purities of gold.

For 18-karat gold, for example, depending on where your jewelry was manufactured and the stamps accessible to the maker, you’ll most likely notice the following marks on the metal: 18, 18ct, 18kt, or 18k.

Does gold come in different colors?

When looking at jewelry, you’ve probably encountered a variety of gold colors. All of the differences can be traced back to the alloying of different kinds of metals.

The highly rich and warm golden color of gold distinguishes it from other alloys. When copper is added, it changes to a slight pink in color and is referred to as rose gold, red gold, or pink gold.

Refined and fashion-forward, white gold is also a great choice because of its sleek, silvery luster. 

White gold jewelry is a trend favorite. White gold necklaces, white gold engagement rings, and even earrings all have a cool refinement about them.

The final look

Gold jewelry, particularly in its purest forms, is extremely wonderful, and we believe that everyone should have some in their jewelry collection.

With a little effort, your gold jewelry will keep its excellent looks and value for far longer than any of us can imagine. 

Gold can not only be passed down to your future generations but will also look wonderful once worn even after all those years.

At Aliel, we help you look for fine jewelry that is one of its kind. 

Our goal is to provide you with a shopping experience that leaves you satisfied. There is a world of gold out there, and we try our best to bring it to you. 

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