A jewelry concoction: how to mix and match

Looking for new ways to mix and match your jewelry that help you express yourself, all the while complementing your sense of style? 

There are a lot of options when it comes to mixing and matching different types of jewelry, and the best option relies on a lot of factors. 

A jewelry concoction is the best way to describe that art. 

You’ll never be short on the style again if you mix and match your jewelry. Let’s spruce up your appearance with a few of these tips!

Set a staple

Start by setting a staple by choosing a crucial piece of jewelry that speaks to you – the one you wish to use as your base.

Your basic two choices would be either a more subtle item that will fit in with the other pieces you concoct with or a more striking statement piece that will stand out as the primary focus when you’re finished.

Select the part you want to attract more focus

Stack accessorizing

When stacking jewelry, it’s typically advisable to concentrate on one area of the body at a time.

Then you can mix and match different pieces to create hundreds of looks or keep it simple and stack them up.

If your choice of focus is your neck, you can begin by layering a few necklaces to go together. 

By choosing different lengths of necklaces to fit together, there are also more chances of drawing attention to the face. You can also always pair different colors and textures together – a perfect mix of subtle with a hint of bling.

Since stacked necklaces are all the rage, why not try stacked bracelets? You can never go wrong with the right array of hand accessories. Chic and boujie both at the same time.

By choosing the hands as your focal point, you will also be making it easier to pick out rings and necklaces.

If you’re going for a more elegant and classy approach, gold or silver stacks would be your go-to, whereas colorful beaded stacks would be perfect for a beach day!

When adorning your wrists with pieces of jewelry, you cannot neglect the fingers.

We suggest if you begin starting with a ring, go for smaller statements and layer them according to the assortment of necklaces followed and bracelets. This way the attention won’t be drawn away from your focal point.

You could also try mixing ring shapes – a traditional band, a solitaire stone, or even a ring with a small gem are all great choices for stacking rings.

When layering necklaces, it is pertinent to wear them at different lengths, from choker to chain or even longer.

It is advisable to choose three to four with different lengths, but sometimes only two might suffice.

It is only important to choose a point of focus that stands out and then keep the others more subdued.

The possibilities are endless – you can use one of our collections as the jumping-off point for a stack you create yourself, or you can wear one of these pieces and let it speak for itself.

A collection of different jewelry

However, if you decide against stacking any jewelry, you can simply wear a mix of different accents that go with your outfit or complement each other. 

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