Gold or silver? Choosing your precious metal

The debate between gold and silver jewelry has been going on for years now, from the metal being used in jewelry, among many other things.

Many people wonder whether they should wear gold or silver and what are the differences.

Many might even have thoughts about mixing and matching both the metals.

Gold or silver — it is hard to decide between them. There can be quite a lot of confusion while buying gold or silver jewelry, given the wide choice of different styles.

So, let’s take a look at how they vary and why one could be a better choice than the other for you.

Gold or silver jewelry?

Your decision will have a lot to do with the undertone of your skin.

Cool and warm are the two primary undertones when it comes to the metal you intend going for.

Skin undertones are used to decide which color of metal to wear — warmer colors signify gold, whereas cooler colors mean silver metal.

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to buying and wearing jewelry. Although you can ignore such precedents as you like these days, it is still always good to utilize them as a guide to help you get started with matching jewelry to fit you and your particular sense of style.

People with blue veins on their wrists and a tendency to burn quickly are said to have cool skin.

Warmer tones refer to those who have green veins, olive or deeper skin tones, or who tan well.

Another important thing to remember is that gold jewelry is really exquisite, yet it may be rather costly compared to other types of jewelry.

Silver, on the other hand, is no substitute, but it is far less expensive than gold and is just as sturdy.

Another great pairing when you can’t choose between either of the two metals, would be rose gold.

Rose gold jewelry is a great way to spice up your jewelry collection with unexpected color, glitter, and fun. Rose gold jewelry is the solution whether you’re seeking an edgy and unique appearance or want to add a splash of vibrant color.

Mix-and-match: gold and silver

Gold or silver? Why not both!

Some believe blending gold and silver is a big fashion no-no. However, we think it’s a great look. It’s all about how you wear it!

If you want to opt for a more formal design, stay with only one metal. However, if you want a more casual appearance that’s yet fully current, combining metals is the way to go.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference and aesthetic style. Some prefer warmer tones of gold, others go for the cooler tonality of silver while some like a little bit of both.

Our recommendation would be to spend some time trying various metal combinations before deciding on which metal types you prefer and which combinations work best for you.

Go with what makes you your most confident and unapologetic self!

So, now that you’ve figured it out, wesuggest going shopping for silver jewelry, gold jewelry, or rose gold jewelry without waiting any more.

Aliel Pakistan features a wide range of gold and silver adornments fit for many different occasions.

As far as more specialized forms of jewelry are considered, we are confident you’ll discover something you like fashioned out of one of our precious metals.

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