How to properly care for precious jewels

Whether you’re an ardent jewelry collector or seeking to invest in some classic pieces, there are various tips and strategies for caring for your jewelry.

It’s an investment in yourself and the memories you connect with it, not simply in the piece itself.

It’s important to take adequate care of your jewelry in order to keep it looking its best.

Here are a few suggestions that you may find useful in this regard:

  1. Take it off if unsure

When and where you wear your piece is eventually your decision. However, as a rule of thumb, the fewer synthetic compounds and obscure fluids your adornments come into contact with, the more they will endure.

Therefore, it’s best to remove the piece if you are ever in doubt, as a terrible experience with some unacceptable synthetic could start off the discoloring.

2. No synthetics

Everything thing that you can manage for any piece of jewel, if nothing else, is to restrict its contact with synthetic compounds.

Discoloring and disintegration of metal happens when the surface comes into contact with a harmful substance.

These can be available in anything from cleansers, beauty care products and scents to chlorine and, surprisingly, sweat.

Pendants normally become discolored because of unreasonable scents. Similarly, hand sanitizers are frequently to blame for discolored rings.

Therefore, it is recommended to take off your adornments any time you clean up or have a shower.

While putting on a chemical that will stay on your skin for some time — such as scent, hand cream or sanitizer — make sure to let it dry prior to wearing your gems back on.

If it is unavoidable to prevent your adornments from coming into contact with a synthetic material, make certain to wash the jewelry with water after use.

3. Store carefully

It’s important to store your jewels properly and carefully to minimize scratching. It would be best to get a fabric-lined box with compartments.

To avoid tarnishing caused by airborne contaminants, you should use anti-tarnish strips, bags or a piece of cloth for long-term storage.

Again, you should better store jewelry in a box or a case that won’t be damaged, snagged or pushed around.

You’re likely to acquire more than one item, so make sure you have enough room to keep your jewelry organized and safe.

4. Avoid heat damage

Avoid exposing gemstones in jewelry to extreme temperatures because heat can permanently destroy your jewelry.

Furthermore, severe temperatures will melt the majority of gemstones. It is also best to keep jewelry away from bright lights or equipment like hair dryers.

Wearing a gemstone necklace while cooking or working with hot liquids is also not recommended, as the heat from the liquid might potentially harm them.

Jewelry is supposed to be worn and enjoyed, but if not properly cared for, it can be damaged or destroyed. It is essential to be vigilant about your jewelry if you want to get the most out of it.

At Aliel, we specialize in assisting you in your search for your diamonds and other jewels. In addition, we provide bespoke design services, jewelry care, cleanings and inspections.

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