Jewelry designs for different seasons in 2022

If you are a fashion connoisseur who keeps up with the latest trends, you’ll know that each season necessitates a new addition to your jewelry collection.

Summers call for cool, refreshing colors, whereas winters go hand in hand with charged crystals to catch every ray of light.

So, you’d better keep alive the fun of dressing in varied tones and styles throughout the year by transitioning fashion trends across the four seasons. It’s all about appreciating the nature of each season.

Here are some tips on seasonal trends and how to keep up with the current fashion jewelry:


Summer is the time of the year people associate with warmth, color and sunshine. Summer jewelry is all about bringing cool sentiments to the hot weather and complementing it with vivid emotions.

It is the season for flowy skirts and artsy jewelry that’s eccentric and light. Your summer fashion should always include vibrant gemstones and ocean-inspired jewelry, such as turquoise necklaces and pearl jewelry sets.

For a more casual day out, one should always opt for light-colored pendants and rings. But if you are in the mood for a more formal occasion, mother of pearl would be your best bet in solstice jewelry.

Did you know small pendants are a wardrobe staple for accessorizing yourself in the summer? Wearing a subtle but bold pendant around your bare neck adds uniqueness and elegance to your summer ensemble.


Winters can be especially difficult for fashionistas who enjoy adorning themselves in jewels and playing with various combinations of gems on a regular basis.

With all of the layers of sweaters, coats, etc., your jewelry options are limited. And that’s precisely the reason some people forego jewelry altogether when there’s a chill in the air.

However, you don’t have to do that. Winter is a great time to spice up your game!

Earrings or ear cuffs are your best friend when it comes to winter adornments.

During the winter, with all of the layering and sweaters, there isn’t enough room to showcase a grandiose necklace. However, large statement earrings should do the trick for a winter night out — and they are on trend as well.

During the winter, pearls are a must-have in your jewelry box. Nothing compares to the elegance and opulence of pearl jewelry. If you want to keep things subtle and elegant, opt for a long string of pearls or simple pearl earrings.


With a hint of passed winters and lovely summer hues, spring is the most joyful season of the year. It’s time to put on your favorite outfit and adorn yourself with your favorite jewelry and venture outside your comfort zone.

Nature-inspired designs and flower motifs are all the rage when it comes to spring jewelry.

To stand out in a crowd, you can always experiment with striking jewelry, such as colorful bracelet stacks and large earrings.

Creating a concoction of different colors of jewelry with clothing is a popular spring fashion play.

To contrast the bright spring attire, choose simple crystal or charm pendants with a chain in rose gold plating.


Fall or autumn marks the change from the warm summer heat to the brisk winter winds. It is time you get out layers and prepare to cuddle up in your knits and scarves.

Colors such as maroon, orange and blue are trendy when it comes to autumn jewelry. To match it with your turtlenecks and blazers, you can accessorize yourself with pearls and long necklaces.

People would usually opt for big chain necklaces or bracelets for a bold, elegant look during fall.

Streetwear is very popular when it comes to fall fashion and layering it with other accessories will only give it an edge in making a customized statement.

Aliel Pakistan brings you the right blend of classic and modern jewelry designs for all four seasons.

You can explore our online store and choose from a great selection of jewelry.

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